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balboa park engagement photos; a couple taking their engagement photos in balboa park, they are smiling at each other.

I had a BLAST walking around Balboa Park with Natalye & Ryan for their engagement photos. Natalye was born and raised in San Diego and went to Balboa Park a lot growing up, so it was great to be able to shoot somewhere close to her heart with the person she loves! I love taking […]

Balboa Park Engagement Photos

san diego wedding photographer; a lesbian couple taking engagement photos at an apple picking farm

Looking for somewhere to take apple picking photos in Southern California? Here is a list of cute apple picking farms just a few hours from Orange County and San Diego. Los Rios Rancho – – Los Rios Rancho is GREAT! My favorite place to go apple picking in Southern California. It’s a few hours […]

Apple Picking Engagement Photos in Oak Glen, CA

OMGGGG is all I can really say. Come see these beauties for yourself!

Colleen & Steven – Hipster Engagement Session in the Orange County Flower Fields

Adrianna & Hailey are two of my favorite people!! I first met Hailey when I was looking at a venue in Tahoe just for kicks and saw that she tagged (who I thought was) her fiancee that she wanted to get married there. I followed her because I’m creepy like that and wanted them to […]

Adrianna & Hailey – Cute Engagement Photos in San Jose, CA

Ahhhh wow the cuteness with these two. YET ANOTHER “we’re awkward in front of the camera” couple…ALL LIES. I love when people say this to me and I get to prove them 100% wrong. So satisfying. ANYWAY! Janelle & Jeremy are great. They came up from San Diego to take their engagement photos with me […]

Janelle & Jeremy – Fun Engagement Photos in Santiago Canyon, CA

Y’all!! These pics! This couple!! So Nat and I sorta go way back. Her twin sister is one of my good buddies from college (shoutout to Allie, love ya buddy), but since Nat went to school in NYC, we had only met a handful of times. So when she reached out for me to shoot […]

Nat & Joe – Super Cute Engagement Photos in San Clemente, CA

During Pride Month this year, I really wanted to do some fun sessions with local LGBTQ+ couples! I had some rainbow confetti and a few locations I had been wanting to shoot at, so I posted on instagram that I was looking and BOOM, Jessica responded that she and her wife were down. SOLID! We […]

Jessica & Andrea – Super Fun Couple’s Session in Santa Ana, CA

Went all the way up to the Bay Area for Amy & Dan’s engagement photos! I loveeee the Bay and they really wanted to do their photos up there because they have a bunch of special spots that mean a lot to them so I was like OKAY I’m down let’s do it. We started […]

Amy & Dan – Fun Engagement Photos in The Bay – Marin County, CA

Ahhh omg you guys I LOVE SPRING! The super bloom (superbloom? unsure how that’s spelled) did us GOOD this year here in Orange County. Flowers were EVERYWHERE and it was beyond gorgeous. This is one of my favorite spots ever because of the beautiful sweet pea flowers that bloom here. If you book with me […]

Jessie & David – Anniversary Session in the Sweet Pea Fields in Orange County, CA