Colleen & Steven – Hipster Engagement Session in the Orange County Flower Fields

THESE. TWO. You guys. I’m not okay after these flower field engagement photos in Southern California! Definitely in my top favorites FOR SURE. I’m a huge fan of bringing props to engagement sessions. I think they add a super special extra little somethin’ to the pics, ESPECIALLY if they’re sentimental props. Like Steven’s guitar, for example. Damnnnn can this boy play and sing!! We posted up in the middle of a flower field in Orange County, CA and Steven serenaded us with some John Mayer and Chris Stapleton. Then we popped some Peach Bellini and sipped on that for a bit. Colleen even made her own little bouquet of flowers. These two have such great style and really great energy. Hope you love these pics as much as I do!

There are SO many great spots to take engagement photos in Orange County! I love that about living in Southern California. I can take almost ANY background and make you look good in front of it. That’s my jam! Obviously a great backdrop like this flower field makes it easy, but trust me when I tell you I can make you look good in your engagement photos wherever we are. There are actually a decent amount of spots with pretty flowers to take engagement photos in Orange County – just depends on the time of the year! Spring is best, especially if we had a rainy winter, which I know is a toss up haha! Regardless, I know of SO many great locations in Southern California to take engagement photos, so trust me when I tell you we’ll find someplace GREAT!

PS – Here are some other examples of props I like to suggest to bring to your engagement session: your dog(s) (if you have any!), champagne/beer/wine/ liquor of choice (if you drink), guitar/other instruments (if you play), a blanket (although I usually have one in my car if we need it), sparklers (I have a TON, so let me know if you want to use them!), confetti (biodegradable, obviously) – the list goes ON! I also have a really cool 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer that I’m obsessed with and LOVE bringing to photo shoots, so we can definitely use it if you want!

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