We're all thinking it so I had to say it. An absolute classic.

If you don't know where the reference is from, I’m not mad at you for not knowing, just disappointed.

If you really don't know, it's from The Silence of the Lambs. Give it a watch!

Hello, Clarisse.

I know what it's like to be on your side of the camera. I get how it seems like it would be awkward having a camera pointed at you while you lovingly caress your partner. And tbh with some photographers...it is. But I focus on you. Your vibe. Your energy. 

All that to say that I get you, because I am you! I’m a person in love who loves seeing photos that look & feel like my love does. Because those are the photos that make me smile time and time again. 

Shooting with me is more like a date with the two of you & your cool friend tagging along snagging some photos (I'm that cool friend). Not comfortable in front of the camera? Everyone says that. Like seriously...Every. Single. Couple. No sweat though, I got you! I'll help you get comfortable and make sure we get some killer shots that show off YOU as a couple. 

After my first time being photographed with my partner, my perspective on photography changed. I remember thinking “these are cute but sooo not us”. I wanted more feeling. To really see ourselves in the photos. I wanted more of us. 

my approach

Easy for you,

Easy for me

"If you are looking for a hilarious, talented, reliable, easy to get along with, and FUN photographer, Clarisse is your girl!"

jayne & nolan said...

Reese's Favorite Pieces

My girl! I'm so lucky to love her!

This fun life we've created!

Our pup Salem :) He's wild and sweet and perfect and we love him so much.

A peek into my life & THE THINGS THAT MAKE ME, ME.


I'm an Enneagram 7 and ENFP (your classic fun-seeker)
I'm a vintage girlie - I love thrifting and vintage clothes! 
I love karaoke (let's go to Redwing in North Park! Go-to song: Sugar We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy - I will belt this from memory)
Bigggg Fleetwood Mac stan (and I have a tattoo to prove it)
Obsessed with my wife (hi baby girl I love you) and our little dog Salem! We rescued him from The Animal Pad :)
I was nominated for "Best Sense of Humor" in high school (I didn't win, but I was nominated, and that's enough for my ego)

I want you to feel comfortable, welcomed, and respected.

The only people I won't work with are those who don't support equal rights for ALL PEOPLE. If you vote for, support, or sympathize with individuals or groups known for suppressing the rights of marginalized communities, we are not the right fit.

We are all part of a diverse community. It's important to me to work and associate with like-minded individuals, so I hope you value inclusivity the same way I do!


Let's go baby