Janelle & Jeremy – Fun Engagement Photos in Santiago Canyon, CA

Ahhhh wow the cuteness with these two. YET ANOTHER “we’re awkward in front of the camera” couple…ALL LIES. I love when people say this to me and I get to prove them 100% wrong. So satisfying.

ANYWAY! Janelle & Jeremy are great. They came up from San Diego to take their engagement photos with me in Santiago Canyon, CA – I know of a ton of great little spots in that area! Always a new spot to explore there and I love it. These two met many years ago, back when Jeremy stole Janelle’s Oreo out of her Lunchable. Yep, he’s an Oreo stealer. Personally that would have been a 100% dealbreaker for me but everyone is different I guess. So my fave part from this session – Janelle & Jeremy play this fun little game with Oreo’s where you put it on your forehead and try to get it in your mouth without using your hands! So fun and HILARIOUS to watch hahaha. Also can we talk about how perfect their outfits are?! The orange corduroy pants Janelle wore are about to be my new fave Fall/Winter staple. LOVE. Also, funny story, those last photos with the Converse Jeremy is wearing? They’re Janelle’s. He grabbed the wrong pair HAHA so they’re legit 4 sizes too small but he rocked them anyway!

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