Adrianna & Hailey – Cute Engagement Photos in San Jose, CA

Adrianna & Hailey are two of my favorite people!! I first met Hailey when I was looking at a venue in Tahoe just for kicks and saw that she tagged (who I thought was) her fiancee that she wanted to get married there. I followed her because I’m creepy like that and wanted them to hire me for their wedding hahaha. Turns out, they weren’t even engaged yet! For a few months, Hailey and I would sometimes reply back to each other’s instagram stories – you know, classic millennial things. We quickly became great internet friends, and when she and Adrianna FINALLY got engaged, I was ECSTATIC when she told me she wanted me to take their engagement photos & shoot their wedding. I had plans to go up to the Bay Area for a concert in April, so we FINALLY got to meet in person!!

They love wine, so I took their engagement photos at this cuuuutie winery and then we explored around the area a bit snapping pics. Then we went back to their apartment and took some more photos there with their puppy Patrick! He’s so cute and they are disgustingly obsessed with him. Understandable.

Oh, and it all worked out for me in the end because I’m shooting their wedding at that Tahoe venue in August this year! YAY!

Anyway, cheers to internet friends, cheers to Adrianna & Hailey, and cheers to wine!

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