San Diego Dog-Friendly Engagement Photos

If you’re looking for the perfect location for dog friendly engagement photos in San Diego, you’re in the right place! As a wedding photographer in San Diego who’s all about capturing those candid and authentic moments, I’m here to dish on some of the coolest and most fun dog friendly locations that will make for unique and unforgettable engagement photos.

Del Mar Dog Beach

First on the list is the Del Mar Dog Beach! The name speaks for itself. With stunning ocean views, tall bluffs you don’t see too often by the beach, soft sand, and plenty of space for your pup to run wild, this beach is the perfect place to capture those playful and candid moments of you and your boo with your furry best friend. Del Mar Dog Beach is pretty wide, so you have lots of room to play with your dog! I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to see a snapshot of you and your partner playing fetch or just chilling with your pup by the ocean? Plus, the sunset views here are just next level.

Black’s Beach

Next on our list is Black’s Beach, a spot that’s not for the faint of heart! Known for its secluded and picturesque cliffs and ocean views, this beach also happens to be one of the few nude beaches in San Diego. So, if you’re feeling a little bit daring, why not make your engagement photoshoot truly unforgettable with a bold and cheeky shot on the beach? With plenty of space for your pup to roam free and explore, the scenery at Black’s Beach is just as stunning as it is unique.

Coronado Sand Dunes

For those of you who want a more intimate and romantic setting for your dog friendly engagement photos, the Coronado Sand Dunes are a hidden gem that will take your breath away. These rolling sand dunes provide a natural and stunning backdrop that’s perfect for those intimate and loving moments between you and your partner, and of course, your dog! Think snuggles, kisses, and the wind blowing through your hair as your pup frolics around in the sand. Pure magic, right?

Sunset Cliffs

Last but not least, we’ve got Sunset Cliffs, a location that’s been a popular spot for engagement photos in San Diego for ages. With its breathtaking views of the ocean and dramatic sunsets, this spot is perfect for capturing those romantic and picturesque moments between you and your partner. And the best part? Your pup can be right there with you! Just remember to bring a leash, as it can get a bit crowded here with other dogs and people around.

In the end, the most important thing is to have fun and be yourself with your partner and your fur baby. As a wedding photographer, I’m all about capturing those authentic and candid moments that make your love story unique and special. Don’t be afraid to let your personalities shine and create memories that will last a lifetime!

As an LGBTQ+ San Diego wedding photographer, I am passionate about capturing your love story in a way that feels uniquely you. Your love is a beautiful thing.  I believe that it should be celebrated and captured authentically, with all of the little quirks and details that make it so special. My goal is to create an environment where you can feel comfortable and confident, so that the love you have for each other can shine through in every photo. Whether you’re looking for traditional posed shots or more candid and playful moments, I’m here to help you create memories that truly feel like you.

Looking for more San Diego engagement photos locations? Here’s a tip: for less crowds and a more unique background, explore more of San Diego county! These engagement photos about 45 minutes outside of San Diego proper are some of my favorites.

Plugging The Animal Pad while I have you dog lovers here. TAP rescues stray pups from across the border and brings them to San Diego for a new life! We got our little guy Salem from TAP 🙂

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