7 Hidden Gems in Southern California to Take Your Engagement Photos!

Don’t go somewhere basic. Yes, the park by your house is basic. Go somewhere that makes you think, “Yeah, this is us“.

 You only take engagement photos once – make it count!

1. Angeles Crest Highway, Los Angeles

This whole area is killer. I mean, check out that VIEW! I know some really great little pull-offs on the Angeles Crest Highway that are sooooo great.

2. Colorado Street Bridge, Old Town Pasadena

You’ve probably seen this bridge a million times and never even realized it. It’s used in a bunch of movies and TV shows! I totally recognized it from a scene in La La Land! AND a killer bonus is that the Colorado Street Bridge is located right down the street from the downtown area of Old Town Pasadena which is SO cute and has tons of great spots to shoot.

 The Colorado Street Bridge in La La Land! Hi Ryan Gosling I love you babe 😘😘 The Colorado Street Bridge in La La Land! Hi Ryan Gosling I love you babe 😘😘

3. Downtown Los Angeles (one of my FAVES!)

DTLA has some of the COOLEST spots to shoot. I love allllll the city vibes it gives off and how there are places to shoot around literally every corner!

4. Balboa Fun Zone, Newport Beach

The Balboa Island Fun Zone is suuuuch a cute place for engagement photos. You can ride the ferris wheel, get a slice of pizza, play some arcade games – the possibilities are ENDLESS.

5. Joshua Tree National Park, Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is one of the most unique places I’ve ever been to. It has funky rock formations like Vasquez Rocks, but they’re totally different. And there are these weird little trees all over the place too. It’s such a cool place! Plus, there’s a saloon right outside the park that has one of the best burgers I’ve had in a while! And lots of beer.

6. Vasquez Rocks, Los Angeles

This place is SO COOL! Fun fact, Star Trek was filmed here!! The rock formations here seriously make it feel like you’re on another planet.

7. Carbon Canyon Regional Park, Yorba Linda

This place is seriously a hidden gem. Long story short, Redwood seeds were planted here and now Southern California has its very own Redwood grove! They aren’t as tall as their Northern California counterparts, but they are gorgeous.

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