Allie & Sam – Gorgeous Golden Hour Engagement Photos in Laguna Beach, CA

laguna beach engagement photos; lesbian couple hugging in the waves on the beach in laguna beach, ca

OKAY WOW. Allie & Sam’s engagement photos in Laguna Beach, CA turned out ABSOLUTELY AMAZING if I do say so myself. I’ve been wanting to take photos of these two since about a year ago when I started following them on instagram. They are the cutest and offer such great advice for the LGBTQ+ community! Huge fan.

Allie & Sam LOVE California. Specifically Laguna Beach. They live in Nova Scotia (Canada, for those who aren’t aware), so when I saw they were not only in California, but in Orange County, I slid into those DM’s hoping our schedules lined up and we could shoot together. Thankfully, they were staying in Laguna Beach that weekend and I had a clear Sunday so the stars aligned in our favor!!

We met up in downtown Laguna Beach for their engagement photos and luckily the beach wasn’t crowded at all! I found this spot on Google Maps a few days prior and I’m really stoked it turned out to look as good as I hoped it would! Laguna Beach has so many great little beach spots that aren’t as popular as the main ones people usually go to, and I know all the best spots! I like to suggest locations that aren’t saturated with people (and other photographers!) so my couples can have the best photos possible!

Allie & Sam even got in the water for a few shots which I’m so happy about because the water was COLD hahaha thanks guys!! We ended the session with sparklers from the best sparkler company around – Broadway Bridal. Seriously, if you need any sparklers, hit them up!

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