Pauline & Joseph – Super Cute Wedding at the Pasea Hotel in Huntington Beach, CA

Pasea Hotel & Spa in Huntington Beach, CA wedding photography; groom in happy mood and enjoying his wedding

Pauline & Joseph are SUCH cuties! Their wedding at the Pasea Hotel & Spa in Huntington Beach, CA was such a perfect day. First of all, the Pasea Hotel is BEAUTIFUL and such a great wedding venue in Southern California. It’s right on the beach so you can easily walk over and grab photos on the beach if you want to. The ceremony site is absolutely massive and has so much room for guests. Same with the reception area, which is indoors, but you could easily have it outside as well.

Pauline & Joseph have known each other since middle school, so you could say this wedding has been a long time coming! What I loved most is that they chose to recite their vows to each other after the wedding was over, when they could have a quiet moment alone. Soooo cute. Always remember: it’s YOUR DAY! Do literally whatever you want – don’t follow any rules! Make the day your own.

I love shooting weddings in Southern California because there are so many great backdrops and the weather is almost always GREAT. We took photos of Pauline & Joseph right outside of the venue – there was a super cute VW bus we used for a bit, then walked around a bit snapping pics! Then we headed in for the reception, which was full of tons of dancing and DELICIOUS food. Cheers to Pauline & Joseph!

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