San Diego Backyard Micro Wedding in Solana Beach

san diego micro wedding in solana beach; the couple's first kiss during the ceremony at their wedding

Natalye & Ryan’s San Diego backyard micro wedding in Solana Beach was perfect! If this backyard looks familiar, that’s because you’ve seen it before at Carolyne & Seena’s wedding. Carolyne & Natalye are sisters and they both had their weddings at their parents house in Solana Beach. It’s the PERFECT spot for a backyard micro wedding. It’s big enough for a decent amount of guests, it has several levels so there are places to hang out and set up details, and the light is just stunning. I’m bummed they don’t have any more children who can get married there haha!

Micro weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering couples a more intimate and personalized experience for their special day. This was precisely the case for Natalye and Ryan, who opted for a micro wedding in the beautiful coastal town of Solana Beach, California in San Diego. The ceremony and reception took place in the backyard of Natalye’s parents’ home, which was transformed into an elevated spring backyard party. The couple and their families worked together to create a stunning backdrop, and the bride’s mother, a florist, provided the flowers. Guests were dressed in semi-formal cocktail attire, and the bride wore a veil that has been in her family since the 1800s.

This wedding was held in Solana Beach, a picturesque coastal town in San Diego County. The ceremony and reception took place in the backyard of Natalye’s parents’ home, which offered lush greenery, towering trees, and a stunning ocean view. The outdoor setting was the perfect complement to the couple’s vision for their special day.

To make the space more wedding-friendly, the couple and their families constructed a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony. They used reclaimed wood and greenery to create an elegant and refined archway that was the perfect backdrop for the ceremony. It was the ideal complement to the natural beauty of the outdoor space, which featured a stunning ocean view and a lush green landscape. The couple’s families worked together to decorate the space with personal touches, such as a collection of antique books that had been passed down through Natalye’s family.

Natalye’s mother Kellye, who is a talented florist, provided all of the flowers for the wedding. She created stunning arrangements using a mix of spring flowers and greenery. The flowers were a beautiful combination of soft, pastel hues and bright pops of color, which perfectly suited the outdoor setting. The bouquets were hand-tied with ribbon, and the boutonnieres featured delicate blooms that added a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic.

Guests arrived dressed in semi-formal cocktail attire, which added to the elegant and refined atmosphere. The bride wore a stunning off-white dress that was perfectly suited to the outdoor setting, and she wore a veil that has been in her family since the 1800s. It was a beautiful and sentimental touch that added to the special meaning of the day. The groom wore a classic blue suit with a white shirt and light blue tie, which perfectly complemented the relaxed and elegant vibe of the wedding.

For the reception, the couple set up a mobile bar cart that added a fun and playful touch to the festivities. The cart was stocked with a variety of drinks, including local craft beer and signature cocktails. Guests were able to enjoy their drinks while mingling and dancing under the stars. The food was lasagna & salad, cooked in the kitchen inside, which added to the intimate and personal feel of the event.

Overall, Natalye and Ryan’s San Diego micro wedding in Solana Beach was a beautiful and intimate affair that perfectly captured their love and commitment to each other. By focusing on the things that mattered most to them – their families, their love of nature, and their passion for good food and drinks – they were able to create a wedding that was truly unforgettable. For anyone considering a micro wedding, this event is the perfect inspiration for creating a beautiful and meaningful celebration that’s uniquely your own.

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