Marissa & Rigo – Morro Bay Sunset Photos

Sunset Engagement Photos at Morro Bay, morro bay wedding photographer; a man and woman holding hands running towards the camera, they are running on the sand and the Morro Bay rock formation is behind them.

UGH I love Marissa & Rigo. Marissa is one of my great friends who also happens to be a VERY talented wedding photographer. They joined my girlfriend and I on a super fun little vacay weekend to Morro Bay! We paused vacation mode for a second to grab some gorgeous Sunset photos in Morro Bay. This place is AMAZING. The sunset was soooo creamy and colorful and there wasn’t a soul in sight. We had the beach to ourselves! If you’re in Morro Bay and are looking to take sunset engagement photos – I’m your girl. I know some fantastic spots that are secluded and absolutely beautiful!

We stayed at a little motel called Holland Inn & Suites that was a 15 minute walk to the beach. It was perfect for what we needed! We were at the beach the majority of the day, so we didn’t need anything fancy. There are tons of hotels, motels, and airbnb’s in Morro Bay to choose from! We went to Morro Bay over Memorial Day weekend and were expecting it to be SUPER crowded. Luckily, it was SO empty! Especially for a holiday weekend. We were so stoked!

Morro Bay is the perfect spot for sunset engagement photos. The beach is practically empty and the sunsets are gorgeous! To get to this spot we had to walk for about 20 minutes down a dirt path, but it was definitely worth it. There were no other beach-goers, so we had the place completely to ourselves! I love when that happens. Morro Bay is unique because of the large rock jutting out of the ocean. It reminds me of Malibu State Beach or Cannon Beach in Oregon! Very cool and different than most beaches you will come across in California.

If you are looking for a Morro Bay wedding photographer, look no further. Morro Bay is known for its beautiful beaches and large rock formation jutting out of the ocean at the coastline. It’s a small, sleepy surf town right above San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach.

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