Shayla & Kristin – Golden Hour Couple’s Photos in Orange County, CA

LGBTQ+ wedding photographer; two women embracing each other lovingly while holding wildflowers

Ahhhh you guys!! I’m obsessed with these two and with this shoot! Shayla & Kristin are SO cute and I’m so stoked to share these with ya! As an LGBTQ+ wedding photographer in Orange County, I’m always looking to take photos of couples in the LGBTQ+ community! I think inclusivity is super important and every couple – gay, straight, queer, non-binary, etc. – is a normal couple and should be treated as such. 

Shayla and I were in sorority together in college and even lived in the sorority house together for a bit! We hadn’t really talked much since graduation, just keeping up with each other via Instagram and social media posts. When I saw how cute she and her girlfriend are together, I knew I HAD to take some photos of them!

This is one of my favorite spots to take engagement photos in Orange County. I’m always on the lookout for new spots to take engagement photos! I know so many great locations and have list of pins on Google Maps that I comb through before each session to find the perfect spot for my couples. There are so many perks of being a wedding photographer in Orange County, and having access to so many beautiful locations is one of my favorites!

I love this spot for engagement photos in Orange County because it’s super open, looks great at every time of the year, and isn’t crowded! The colors change as the seasons do and the light is always PERFECT at golden hour and as the sun sets.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

Being queer person and an LGBTQ+ wedding photographer in Orange County, I’m a huge advocate for everyone loving whoever the hell they want to love. You should be too! 

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