Jordan & Brent – Surprise Proposal at the Top of the World in Laguna Beach, CA

Omgggggg. I LOVE PROPOSALS! Backstory: Jordan and I were in sorority together in college! She told Brent that whenever he proposes, I better be there taking pictures (ultimate compliment omfg). So, a few weeks ago, Brent hit me with an instagram DM saying he was ready to propose ASAP and that Jordan had specifically requested me (Iā€™m going to brag about that forever). I was in San Jose that weekend but told him my flight got back in Orange County at 10AM on Sunday and that I could bust a move to the Top of the World in Laguna Beach to be there for the proposal. DONE DEAL. I put on a huge floppy hat and sunglasses and pretended I was just another person enjoying the beautiful day in Laguna Beach. I led them down the path to this cool spot I knew would be empty of people and BOOM. Of course she said yes! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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