Ikema & Melissa – Surprise Big Sur Redwoods Proposal – Big Sur, CA

When Ikema reached out and said she wanted to propose to her girlfriend Melissa in the Redwoods, I was HYPED. We schemed a bit and figured out that Big Sur was a good distance for the both of us (they live in the Sacramento area and obviously ya girl lives in Orange County). I was planning on taking a road trip up there that weekend ANYWAY so it all worked out perfectly! Fun fact: there is ZERO service in Big Sur. Literally none. So we had to have everything figured out ahead of time. I told Ikema what I was wearing and where I would be waiting and straight up stood at the front of the parking lot in my yellow jacket so she couldn’t miss me. Her plan was to hand Melissa this fake park brochure, and that was my cue that it was going to happen. She would then tell Melissa to open the brochure which had “Will You Marry Me?” written on the inside and she would drop to one knee. GENIUS. I was pretending to be a tourist snapping pics of leaves and trees while following behind them so I was totally inconspicuous as always. Mission accomplished!

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