Sam & Cyle – Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico – Engagement Session


Sam & Cyle

Americana in Tijuana

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico – Engagement Session

GUYS. This shoot. One of my faves! Sam & Cyle are ADORABLE. Cyle plays professional baseball for the Tijuana Toros down in Tijuana, and I had never actually been to Tijuana, so when Sam asked if I would be cool with coming down there for their engagement shoot, I was alllll for it. AND, I brought my boyfriend Josh along with me so we could turn it into a fun little weekend vacay!

We left work early on Friday afternoon and headed down to the border. You have two options to cross the border: drive across, or park your car on the USA side and walk over. We chose the latter and parked the car in a lot right on the edge of the border. It was actually a BREEEEZE to walk through. Filled out a form, got a stamp on my passport, and we were good to go. We took a taxi to the hotel, settled in a bit, and joined Sam at the Toros’ stadium to watch Cyle play! The baseball games in Tijuana are INSANE. So loud and SO fun! Such a difference from the usual games we go to at the Angel’s stadium! 

The next day, we met up with Sam and Cyle and shot at their hotel (hellloooo rooftop pool!) Then we wandered to this cute little food truck area and snapped some pics there! Such a fun little weekend!


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