Crystal Cove Beach Micro Wedding in Orange County, CA

Crystal Cove Micro Wedding in Orange County; bride and groom walking down the aisle after they said I Do

Like soooo many couples in 2020, Tina & Troy’s big wedding plans were changed due to COVID-19. Instead of waiting until next year to get married, they decided to just have a small micro wedding in Orange County at Crystal Cove with just their immediate families! Honestly, I LOVE when couples do this. The wedding is soooo much more personal and intimate and you don’t have to worry about sticking to a timeline nearly as much! Plus, they can be WAY cheaper because the guest count is significantly lower than your average wedding.

This spot at Crystal Cove in Orange County, CA is my FAVORITE sunset spot. I go here with my girlfriend sometimes to watch the sun go down and it’s just absolutely beautiful.

Tina & Troy’s micro wedding in Orange County came together in less than two months. Backstory – I was originally supposed to be one of Tina’s bridesmaids! But, since they went the micro wedding route, they obviously didn’t need a wedding party anymore. So, I was soooo happy when she asked me to photograph the wedding instead!! It was so special to be able to be there in any form!

Planning a micro wedding in Orange County can be easy! First, secure the date. Then, the location! Are you looking to have your ceremony at an outdoor venue in Orange County? Or are you thinking of having it at a specific location? If you go the venue route, you’ll have the option of having catering, chairs, tables, etc. since the venue usually provides those. If you go the location route, you’ll have to supply chairs for your guests and find a spot to have the reception afterwards. A lot of micro weddings in Orange County will have the ceremony at a special location, like Crystal Cove State Beach, then head somewhere after for dinner with the guests. You most likely will have to secure a permit to have an event at a location, so make sure you do your research! If you need amazing florals for your micro wedding in Orange County, Fresh By Brandon is AMAZING!

Here is a link to another micro wedding I shot: Jayne & Nolan – Orange County Micro Wedding,

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