Jessie + Gus – In Home Session in Los Angeles, CA

UGH I love these two so much. Jessie is a fellow wedding photographer like me, and we actually work together often when she second shoots for me, so when she asked me to shoot her and Gus’s 2-year wedding anniversary pics, I was SO HONORED. These two are the best. They love each other SO MUCH and are just the goofiest, most fun-loving people. Jessie wanted to do an in-home session at their house in Burbank, which turned out PERFECT because it showcases their personalities so much more since they could be comfortable in their own home.

We started off in their bedroom where they re-read their vows to each other and HOLY SHIT, that was so great. They had this crazy elopement story which was so fun to hear (long story short, their car broke down and the internet came to their rescue and got some celeb attention and had a new car delivered to them for the rest of their trip), and their vows were just so sweet and heartfelt. I might have shed some tears not gonna lie! After the bedroom sesh (lol) we moved to the living room and put on some fun oldies records and took LOTS of fun pics. Jessie & Gus love oldies so they danced and sang and just had so much fun while I snapped away. They even brought their kids (a dog named Scotty Pippin and a cat named Little Monster, duh) in for a few pics. SUCH A BLAST. I love in-home sessions!

Hope you love these pics as much as I do!

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