Jessica & Ricky – Intimate Wedding at HOWL in Long Beach, CA


Jessica & Ricky

Wedding at HOWL in Long Beach, CA

I think Jessica & Ricky’s wedding at HOWL in Long Beach is one of my FAVORITES ever. Like, EVER. Everything about it was perfect. This venue is GREAT. The coolest aesthetic, such a nice staff, and the perfect size for a small, intimate wedding. Just found out that it’s closed though, so I’m sorry for getting your hopes up :(. I’m sad too UGH. Anyway, let’s get back to this killer day.

Jessica & Ricky are sooooo cute and fun. Jessica is an AMAZING runner. When she’s not running, she’s coaching running through her business Sugar Runs. Ricky is a photographer (hollerrrrr), and when I found that out I was a liiiiitle nervous to be shooting their wedding because I know how hard I critique other people’s photos hahaha. But he loved the pics so WE GOOOOOOD. They’re both also lawyers for their day jobs, so these two really do it all.

Their wedding day was small and intimate, with just their closest friends and family. It was around 30 people and was honestly SUCH a good size. Everyone was able to talk and socialize with the bride and groom and enjoy the day together. Big fan!!


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