Katie & Richard – Orange County Superbloom Couple’s Session


Katie & Richard

Flower Fields in San Juan Capistrano, CA

I was driving down the 5 freeway a few weeks back and noticed this GORGEOUS field of yellow flowers and, being the lover of yellow that I am, I knew I just HAD to shoot in them before they were gone. Can’t get enough of all these flowers in Orange County because of the superbloom! Such a big fan. I had just started following Katie on instagram because of her KILLER fitness routines, and thought she and her boyfriend Richard would be PERFECT to take pics of in the field! She has this gorgeous red hair that I knew would contrast super well. Sooo I reached out on a Wednesday asking if they were free that Sunday (because I really didn’t know how much longer they would last before they were cut down or dried up) and BLESS UP they were free and down to shoot!! SCORE. Turns out Katie & I have a few mutual friends because we both grew up in Orange County. Small world!

The light was SO GREAT and despite there being a few other shoots going on (everybody’s gotta get their superbloom shots for the gram amirite??), there was so much room to shoot that it looked like we had the whole place to ourselves! We had a total blast and I loveeeee how all the pics turned out. Enjoy!!


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