Angelina & Neal – Golden Hour Engagement Session at the Dana Point Harbor


Angelina & Neal

Dana Point Harbor, Dana Point, CA

For real, this spot is super underrated. There were hardly any people here despite the sunset being AMAZING, so that was a plus. Side bar, Angelina legit brought me FRESH. BAKED. COOKIES….like okay already love you guys. She mentioned she loves to bake and I was like “hook it uppppp” and she actually did. Big fan.

Anyway, this sesh. Soooooo cute. Angelina had told me prior to the shoot , AND I QUOTE, “I want to apologize ahead of time for how awkward and unphotogenic we are”….but then they go ahead and absolutely killll it at their session?! OKAY COOL what’s it like being super photogenic and not awkward in pics?! Can’t relate.

We played around on the jetty for a bit before heading down to the beach. The beach spot here is suuuuper tiny and impossible to get to unless it’s low tide, so I was pretty stoked that we made it at the right time. Again, the light was KILLER. Perfect golden glow! There are seriously a million and a half places to shoot at the Dana Point Harbor, so we had tons of killer backdrops. Enjoyyyyy!


  1. […] two are the sweetest people EVER! They are so cute and just a great time to be around. I shot their engagement photos in Dana Point before their wedding, so we got to know each other before the wedding which is always so great! […]

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