Erin & Collin – Fun Engagement Photos in San Diego, CA


Erin & Collin

Engagement photos in Downtown San Diego & the Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, CA

Erin & Collin were in town from Nebraska and really wanted to shoot their engagement photos in San Diego where they got engaged, so that’s exactly what we did! We started in Ocean Beach, a cool little sleepy surf town in San Diego. There are a ton of cute little stores and some KILLER restaurants (shoutout Hodad’s love u bb thx for the burgers) that you have to check out if you’re ever down that way. Then we headed over to the always gorgeous Sunset Cliffs to catch the sunset, which was unfortunately a bit covered by some rain clouds. 

Side note, it had been raining for like a week straight but BY THE GRACE OF GOD we somehow shot in the 2-hour window there was no rain. BLESS UP. 

Pro tip: I always keep my longboard (amongst a few other props) in my car so we can shake it up a bit and have even more fun! Props are always fun to include in an engagement session because they give you an activity to physically interact with. Big fan!

Enjoy these cuties and their smiley faces 🙂 We tried to light some sparklers but it was SO WINDY and about to start raining so the air was wet and we couldn’t get them lit for the life of us. We all took turns trying for seriously like 10 minutes before we gave up. All of our thumbs hurt the next day from trying to use the lighter hahaha so lame.


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