Carolyn & Jason – Engagement Photos/Christmas Card Session in Yorba Linda, CA


Carolyn & Jason

Engagement photos at the Redwoods in Carbon Canyon Regional Park in Yorba Linda, CA

Carolyn and I go wayyyyy back. We were in sorority together in college and even lived in the house together! We’ve had some REAL fun times. Jason was there for some of them too! They’ve been together for a little over 10 years y’all…TEN YEARS! They dated all throughout high school and college, with Carolyn in Fullerton, CA and Jason in Arizona. So, we all saw Jason a few times a year at sorority formals and events. When they graduated, Jason got a killer job in LA, and Carolyn got a killer job in San Diego. So they were still long distance for about a year until Carolyn transferred up to LA where they FINALLY get to live together!

When I got my Jeep in January of 2018, Carolyn IMMEDIATELY texted me a photo she found on Pinterest of a couple wrapped in lights in front of a similar Jeep. “Soooooooo you’re shooting my Xmas card this year???! Featuring your new CAR 🙌🏻” was the text I got from her hahaha. I was like COOL COOL I’M SUPER DOWN! By the way, I was under strict instructions to not tell anyone of the idea nor let anyone else steal the idea. That’s Carolyn for ya!!!

We were all just basically counting down the days until they got engaged, so I lost my SHIT when Carolyn texted me in August that Jason had proposed! He took her on a helicopter ride over Los Angeles and proposed on a cliff looking over the ocean. Magical! So happy for my lovely friends!


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