Eric & Kea – Couple’s Shoot at the Orange Groves in Irvine, CA


Eric & Kea

Irvine, CA

Jeeeeeeeez I don’t think it gets much cuter than this. First off, ERIC’S SHIRT. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. I’m such a sucker for anything floral. But like, good floral ya know?

Anywayyyyy. I felt like I was lacking on new shoots and content so I set up this shoot with Eric & Kea and a few of my other photog friends (hi Chelsea and Marissa). I knew I wanted to shoot a suuuuper cute couple at these COOL orange groves in Irvine that I spotted a while back, and when Eric & Kea responded to the model call, I was HYYYYYPED. They were so fun to hang out with and were SUCH troopers with three loud photographer’s yelling “OMG YES SO CUTE” in their faces for an hour and half. They seriously killed it!! Check it outttttttt

Also, shoutout to the BEST sparklers in town, Broadway Bridal! They make them in sizes varying from short to suuuuuuper long and they seriously last FOREVER (that’s what she said omfg I’m 12 years old).


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