Spice Up Your Engagement Shoot With These 6 Super Fun Props!


Spice Up Your Engagement Shoot With These 6 Super Fun Props!

Gone are the days of boring engagement shoots with awkward smiles and stiff poses. These photos should be FUN and should show off your personalities! This past year I felt the need to spice up my engagement sessions, so I started bringing props along!

Now I have an arsenal of fun props in my brain (and 3 cases of bubbles in my car because I can’t resist a good sale). 

1. Sparklers!

My personal fave. Adds such a nice SPARK (bye i hate myself) to your engagement photos.

2. Bubbles 🤗

Such a cute prop to bring along. They pair nicely with almost any location (especially the beach and this little area in Newport with some adorable bright-colored houses). I’ve even perfected the perfect bubble-blowing smile so you don’t look like a puffer fish. I got you! 

3. Champagne 🍾 (or your drink of choice)

Great way to toast to a long life of lots of loveeeee and happiness!

4. A Blanket!

A nice warm blanket is a great prop to bring to your engagement shoot. You can cuddle up together, lay down on the ground, set up a lil picnic…the list goes on!

5. Confetti 🎉

Sure, it’s a little messy, but finding little confetti pieces in your hair 3 days later will be worth it for the pics!

6. An Outfit Change

Yeah yeah, I know this isn’t a prop. BUT, it can definitely spice up an engagement shoot. Bring a couple of outfits if you’re feeling up to it! 

Well, there ya have it. Those are some of my favorite props to shake things up a bit at engagement shoots! I have a few more, but I don’t want to give all of my secrets away! 

Well, you made it this far. Might as well shoot me an email so this wasn’t a total waste of time.


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