Kendall & Jake – Irvine Regional Park – Engagement Session


Kendall & Jake

Irvine Regional Park, Orange, CA – Engagement Session

Kendall and I went to college together at Cal State Fullerton (go Titans!), and we actually lived together in a sorority house with 22 other girls! So you could say we go way back. While we were taking shots of peach-flavored New Amsterdam and thinking of super lame instagram captions, Jake was doing quite the opposite while serving in the US Marine Corps. Now, he’s a police officer, fighting crime and keeping thugs off the streets. Kendall is an aspiring interior designer who has a thing for cool, old houses.

We hung out at Irvine Regional Park for their engagement shoot and were on the hunt to see a peacock the whole time (if you don’t know, Irvine Regional Park has TONS of peacocks just randomly roaming around). Sadly, we never saw one. There was a fire in the area a few months back, and there was an area of the park that was pretty burnt. I’m an idiot and wore brand new white shoes and OF COURSE I stepped in a pile of leaves that happened to be sitting on a huge pile of ash. My shoes are now gray.

Kendall will probably kill me but these are too funny NOT to show the world.

Jake spun Kendall around soooo fast I thought she was going to barf!